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Tutu Chic Gin

In November 2016, on her birthday, Freya launched the TUTU CHIC – GIN. “It was time to come up with a pink, feminine, yet stylish cocktail drink. So we created a refined, exclusive infused pot distilled gin, wrapped in a cute tule bag with tutu and bow.”

Why a gin? Gin still wins popularity in Belgium, it's completely on trend. It's also a very versatile drink: to drink as an aperitif or digestive, loved by both men and women and you can personalize it yourself by adding a tonic of choice and possibly adding some berries or herbs.

With this gin, TUTU CHIC especially wants to appeal to a more female audience. It's a slightly softer and sweeter gin that fully conforms to the brand's pink dreamy lifestyle.

Not only does the gin taste delicious, he also looks super fashionable. For the design of the bottle, Freya always combines her impeccable sense of style with a healthy dose of pink glamour. The light pink colored gin comes in a nice jacket made of tulle, which is also referred to as the 'tutu' in TUTU CHIC. Girly, loving & glamorous. A true collector's item!

At TUTU CHIC we gladly serve our gin in combination with Noble Natural Elite Drink. This makes the taste even softer, because the drink is different from a tonic. Playful and happy!

  •  100% Belgian
  • Artisan made
  • Pot distilled and infused gin
  • Small batch = made in small quantities
  • Contains juniper berries, coriander, thyme,
    rosemary, gentian, elderberry and açai.
  • 40% alc. Vol.